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Friday, February 13, 2015


In my last post I talked about #sunvssnow but that didn't turn out the way I thought it would.  The 200 available slots filled up in six minutes.  Six minutes!  I simply didn't get my entry in fast enough.  And, it doesn't help that we were having a storm that day and the internet was working very slowly.  To watch  the indicator spinning 'round and 'round for twenty minutes after I clicked "send" was quite infuriating.

But, the wind from a door closing blows open a window and I was able to enter #agentmatch.  This event was a little different in that you sent in your query and hook which were posted on a blog that went live on 2/10.  For two days agents would come to the blog and read the queries and request any that interested them.  I came out of the event with several requests and many, many new followers.  So, between that and today's #adpit it's been a very good week for my query.  Hopefully I'll be hearing more good news regarding those soon.

Some have recently tried to rain on parade - trying to tell me agents don't want what I have.  That I'll never get an agent or be published.  I can't have that kind of talk - I won't have it either.  I believe it my work and my recent success shows I'm not the only one.  I believe with my entire being that this is going to happen for me.  Somebody out there will want to know what I have to say.  And, then more will follow.

For right now I'm a little preoccupied with the weather.  I received an alert on my phone from the national weather service about the high winds we're expecting this weekend.  There could be gusts up to 60 MPH which could knock out power which isn't good when they're forecasting temperatures of 2 degrees.  Since getting home from work I've been running around getting the laundry done and making sure there are enough extra blankets to go around.  Later, I'll be going to the grocery store to pick up some food that doesn't need to be cooked - peanut butter and the like.  I hate the thought of being without power when it's this cold out - especially since snow is expected as well - but I'm going to be ready for it.  And if nothing  happens I haven't really lost anything.  The laundry will be done as well as the grocery shopping.   Clean sheets will be on the beds and things are tidied. 

There's a jar candle in every bedroom as well as a lantern.  The tablets, ereaders, cellphones, iPods, etc are plugged in and there's plenty of fresh batteries in the fridge.  I have the matches and I'll be ready to launch into action the moment the darkness engulfs us all.  Everybody's well taken care of and that's my responsibility.  Always has been and always will be. 

Until then we'll all go on as we would otherwise.  Reading, writing, and living. 

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