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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Go West?

One moment you think all the little details are going to fall into place and you're all set.  And then boom - not so much.

That's the place I found myself languishing in as I mulled over whether or not to attend the WFWA First Annual Writers Retreat this coming September.  Thanks to the terrible winter the East Coast had and that I just got back from vacation I wasn't sure how many days I had left.  Well, I do have enough to take time off to head to the retreat.  So, I was all set to start making plans.  Until, I thought about the 28th Annual Flea Market & Grand Auction.  Flea Market is always held is always held on a Sunday at the end of September but not date has been officially announced yet.  If it's on Sunday, September 20 I'm good but September 27 would raise a conflict.  

I go to Flea Market every year and I have what I call "flea market friends" - people I only see that one day a year.  The event is super fun and you always see really awesome people there - Orfeh, Stephanie J. Block, Colin Donnell, and many more!

I decided to call up BC/EFA to see if they'd settled on a day yet.  They just had an event last night so I wasn't sure if anyone was up to talking to me about something happening in September.  Well, they had an answer for me.  Sunday, September 27.  Sad!

I know going to the retreat is important and would bring me a lot of new contacts and tools for my writer's box.  But, missing Flea Market makes me very sad.  I'm definitely leaning towards the retreat but my heart hurts a little to be missing an event I look forward to every year.

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