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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Book Report

I was up until almost 3am writing the bibliography for my manuscript.  No one has asked for it or said I require it.  But, I thought I should put it together and have it available on the off chance someone did want to see a list.  And now I've decided to share it.  There's nothing spoilery about this.  Everything listed here is mentioned, sung, watched, or heard by my main character in the book.

Batman.  Dir. Tim Burton.  Perf.  Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger. Warner Bros. 1989.

Benetar, Pat.  “Shadows of the Night”.  Get Nervous.  Chrysalis\EMI Records.  1984.

Blackmore’s Night.  “Where are We Going From Here?”  Ghost of a Rose.  Ais.  2010.

Boublil, Alain et al.  “I’ll Be There”.  The Pirate Queen.  Masterworks Broadway.  2007.

Bowie, David.  “As the World Falls Down”.  Labyrinth.  Parlophone.  2007.

Brian Setzler Orchestra, The.  “Hollywood Nocturne”.  Dirty Boogie, The.  Interscope.      1998.

Carpenters, The.  “There’s a Kind of Hush”. Love Songs.  A&M.  1998.

Carpenters, The.  “Top of the World.”  Love Songs.  A&M 1998. 

Cash, Johnny.  “Folsom Prison Blues”.  With His Hot and Blue Guitar.  Sun Records.  1955.

Dusk, Matt.  “This Could Be the Start of Something Good”.  Live from Las Vegas.  Royal Crown.  2011. 

Eder, Linda.  “Both Sides, Now”.  Other Side of Me.  Verve.  2008.

Electric Light Orchestra.  “Evil Woman”.  Face the Music.  Epic.  1976.

Everyone’s Hero.  Dir. Christopher Reeve, et al.  Perf. Jake T. Austin, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg,    Rob Reiner.  Arc Productions.  2006.

Exit to Eden.  Dir. Garry Marshall.  Perf. Dan Akroyd, Rose O’Donnell, Dana Delany.  Savoy Pictures.  1994.

Fain, Sammy, et al.  “Secret Love”.  Calamity Jane.  Vintage Music, 1953.

Fillmore,  Henry.  “The Circus Bee”.  1908.

Fučík, Julius.  “Entrance of the Gladiators”.  1897.

Goodman, Benny, et al.  “Flying Home”.  A League of Their Own.  Sbme Special Mkts.  2008.

Gore, Michael.  “Miles From Here”.  Fame.  Rhino.  2003. 

Greatest Show on Earth, The.  Dir. Cecil B. DeMille.  Perf. Charlton Heston, Betty Hutton, Cornel Wilde, Gloria Grahame, James Stewart.  Paramount Pictures.  1952.

Hamlisch, Marvin.  “Music & The Mirror, The”.  A Chorus Line.  Sony Classical.  1975.

Keeling, Derek.  “Broken Bridge”.  Long Road Home.   CD Baby.  2013.

Kelly, Ryan.  “Live for Life”.  In Time.  CD Baby.  2013.

Kerrigan, Kait, et al.  “How to Return Home”.  Kerrigan-Lowdermilk LIVE.  Yellow Label Music.  2013.

King, Karl.  “Barnum & Bailey’s Favorite”.  1913.

King, Karl.  “Melody Shop, The”.  1910.

Lauper, Cyndi. “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”.  She’s So Unusual.  Portrait Studios.  1983. 

McGinty, Damian.  “A Bird Without Wings”.  Act Two.  Celtic Thunder.  2008. 

Men Without Hats.  “Safety Dance, The”.  Rhythm of Youth.  Aquarius.  1983.

Menken, Alan.  “One Step Closer”.  The Little Mermaid.  Walt Disney.  2008.

Moonlighting.  Perf. Cybil Shepard, Bruce Willis.  ABC.  ABC Circle Films, 1985-1989.

Nelson, Willie.  “On the Road Again”.  Honeysuckle Rose.  Columbia.  1980.

Parton, Dolly.  “Shine Like the Sun”.  9 to 5: The Musical.  Dolly Records.  2009. 

Proclaimers, The.  “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).  Sunshine on Leith.  1989.

Prom Night.  Dir. Paul Lynch.  Perf. Jamie Lee Curtis, Leslie, Nielsen, Casey Stevens. Simcom Limited.  1980

Queen.  “Another One Bites the Dust”.  Game, The.  Hollywood Records.  1980.

Queen.  “Don’t Stop Me Now”.  Jazz.  Elektra.  1979. 

Rodgers, Richard.  “I Could Write A Book”. Pal Joey.  Capitol Records.  1952.

Rodgers, Richard, et al.  “Most Beautiful Girl in the World, The”.  Jumbo.  1935. 

Rodgers, Richard, et al.  “Suzy is a Good Thing”.  Rodgers & Hammerstein's Pipe Dream (New York City Center Encores! Presents).  Ghostlight.  2012.   

Rodgers, Richard, et al.  “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”  Carousel.  1945.

Rubin, Bruce Joel, et al.  “Life Turns on a Dime”.  Ghost:  The Musical.  Ais.  2011. 

Santoriello, Jill.  “I Can’t Recall”.  Tale Of Two Cities: Original Broadway Concept Album.  Libra Verde.  2011. 

Schwartz, Stephen.  “Corner of the Sky”.  Pippen.  Ghostlight.  2013.

So Proudly We Hail!  Dir. Mark Sandrich. Perf. Claudette Colbert, Veronica Lake,     Paulette Goddard, George Reeves.  Paramount Pictures.  1944.

Sondheim, Stephen.  “Everybody Says Don’t”.  Anyone Can Whistle.  Sony Classical.  1964.

Sondheim, Stephen.  “I’m Still Here” Follies.  Capitol Records.  1971.

Simon, Paul et al.  “America”.  Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits.  Columbia.  1972.

Springstein, Bruce.  “Born to Run”.  Born to Run.  Sony.  1976.

Star Wars.  Dir. George Lucas.  Perf. Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford.  Twentieth Century Fox.  1977

Stitt, Georgia.  “Big Wings”.  This Ordinary Thursday.  P.S. Classics.  2007.

Stitt, Georgia.  “If I Could”.  My Lifelong Love.  Sh-K-Boom Records.  2011.

Super Friends.  Perf.  Danny Dark, Adam West. ABC.  Hanna-Barbara Productions, 1973-2011

Superman: The Movie. Dir. Richard Donner.  Perf. Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman.  Dovemead Films.  1978.

Webber, Andrew Llyod, et al.  “As if We Never Said Goodbye”.  Sunset Blvd.   Verve/BMG.  1993.

Williams, John et al.  “Can You Read My Mind?” Maureen McGovern: Greatest Hits.  Curb Records.  2011   

Williams, Paul et al.  “I’m Going To Go Back There Someday”.  Muppet Movie, The.  Walt Disney.  2003.

Wildhorn, Frank et al.  “This is the Moment”.  Jekyll & Hyde.  Atlantic.  1997. 

Wonder Woman.  Perf.  Lynda Carter, Lyle Waggoner. ABC/CBS.  Bruce Lansbury Productions, 1975-1979

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