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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Roses & Rainbows

The announcement regarding #pitchwars is expected to happen at 12:00 EST on Wednesday, September 3.  Twelve more hours of waiting.  I'm feeling mostly ambivalent about things today.  I don't feel confident but I don't feel rejected either.  I'm just here.

It's only noon and my workday has already been very draining.  This might be way I feel so "eh" about pitchwars right now.  I feel so beaten down that I just can't find the energy to be excited about much of anything right now.  Even my usual "go get 'em" attitude seems to be MIA.

That all being said I am still very grateful to Brenda, the mentors, and everyone who made the #pitchwars feed a fun and educational place to be.  It's an experience that I will treasure always and I definitely did come out of it all a better person (I think anyway).

Whatever happens we have to keep on swinging and not worry about what's behind us.  We're always working toward to what comes next and at the end of the day we get out what we put in.  Let's all put in the very best we can.  We don't have to wait for someone else to give us good things - we can go out to get them ourselves.

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