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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

It's been one of those weeks and I'm definitely hoping for a restful holiday weekend.  Phew...

Earlier this week I started feeling lousy - sore throat, cough, sniffles.  If you guess "summer cold" you'd be right on the money.  My mom had one the week before so I guess I picked it up from her.  After the Emmy's on Monday night I took an Alka Selzer Cold Nighttime capsule to help ease my symptoms and put me to sleep.  Though, that wasn't what happened.  Even though I was getting very tired I had to keep getting out of bed because my mom kept calling me.  She was having abdominal pains and needed me to fetch her things.  Water, a bucket, and so on.  By the time three am rolled around I was dead on my feet but not in bed even though work started at eight-thirty.  My mom decided she needed to go to the hospital but I couldn't take her because of the cold medicine.  And, if we both went who was going to stay behind with my sister who was asleep?  Neither us wanted her to wake up to find the house empty - she'd be so scared.  So, my mom decided she felt well enough to drive herself and I would stay home to sleep and be with my sister.

At ten of seven my mom calls to ask me to pick her up from the hospital.  She has a kidney stone - her second one of the year.  They'd given her morphine and she couldn't drive.  So, after only a few hours sleep I got dressed and went to get her.  I went back to sleep for about half an hour when we got back before getting up to head to work.

My mom had asked me to text my younger brother who lives in NJ - he'd been planning on coming down and she wanted him to run some errands for her while I was at work.  He said he probably wouldn't be down until after five but would do what needed to be done.

I ended up leaving work at four because I could not sit there anymore.  The AC was so high it was making my Raynaud's flare up, I was sleep deprived, and my cold was getting worse.  Since I had finished all the work on my desk my supervisor and president had no problem letting me slip out early.  I was in bed by 4:22.

My brother and sister were not at the house when I got home.  They were out picking up my mom's prescriptions and picking up some dinner.  I went right to bed and was woken up around six to hear my brother and sister had gotten into a car accident.  They were going straight through an intersection and a guy on the other side was turning left and he turned right into them.  No one was hurt but the car was totaled.

I had to meet them at the car dealership to pick them up and then we had to drive over to the hospital so he could get our mom's car to bring drive back to the house.  After I dropped him off I drove right home and went right back to bed.  My poor body had been through enough and it still had miles to go.

On top of all that I got a rejection from the agent I thought could be "the one".  As soon as I read her blog I felt a connection to her and something inside of me said "this is it".  Sometimes that something inside should keep it's damn mouth shut.  It's back to the drawing board for me.

I'm on the tail end of the cold now and my brother has picked out his new car.  He got a rental car and will be back on Saturday to pick it up. The week may have started poorly but it looks to end well - I get to leave work at 2pm tomorrow.  Yay!

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

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  1. Oh no, what a crazy week you've had! Here's hoping for a better one this week. Hang in there.