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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Live for Life

The last few days have been pretty quiet.  I haven't received any emails from agencies since Friday so no new rejections is a good thing.  The last email I got was a rejection that was sent at 11:31pm - this just goes to show you that agents work just as hard and as long as we do. 

In the past two days we've had three celebrity deaths - Charles Keating, Lauren Bacall, and Robin Williams.  Lauren Bacall had lived a long and accomplished life and Charles Keating had been battling lung cancer.  It was the death of Williams that has taken us all by surprise.

I think it was Irish tenor Paul Byrom who said it best - "It's funny, I never had the honour of meeting him, yet I've woken this morning feeling like I've lost a friend, or someone I care about".  We may not of have known him personally but he was always a welcome addition in our homes thanks to his movie and television work.  From  his days of "nanu nanu" to his last project for CBS we could always count on him for a laugh.

I had a cousin who was manic depressive and he committed suicide when I was thirteen years old.  Four years later I lost my father to cancer.  Illness comes in all shapes and forms and we can find a way to battle them all together. 

This is also a reminder that we need to get out and live for life - no matter how hard it gets.  If we see someone stumble we can reach out to help them.  It's so easy to get trapped behind a desk or drown among our responsibilities and forget there are wonderful things and people out there. 

Earlier this year I did something I was told I would never do - I wrote a book.  I looked adversity right in the eye and spit in it.  It took my a really long time to get to that point.  To get out of my own way and "just do it".

So, let's take this moment to remember those who have past and find a way to get out of our own way to live for life.

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