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Friday, August 8, 2014

It Gets Better

I wasn't going to post again tonight but I was sitting up watching Cedar Cove on Netflix with my calico Róisín when I decided I pop into my email to see if there was anything new.  There was.  Rejection #7.

On the episode of Cedar Cove I'm watching one of the characters just mentioned how scary it is to put yourself out there for others to judge.  It is pretty scary.  Waiting for someone else to decide whether or not you have "it" is very nerve-wracking. 

I'm keeping busy the best I can though the urge to constantly check my email is there.  If I'm not near a computer I'm reaching for my phone.  I started reading Anne Marie Stoddard's Murder at Castle Rock partly because I wanted to and partly because I needed the distraction.  And, I was distracted but as soon as I stopped reading it was back to wondering if I had any emails and  if there could be a positive one among the bunch.

It's early in the process and I've only been sending out letters for about a week.  And, there are still people I have on my list that I haven't sent queries out to yet.  I'm not wandering alone in the Rejection Pile Woods.  Just dipping my toes in the Lakes of Slush.

But, it'll get better.  Somewhere out there is the right person to head down this crazy road with me.  I just need to keep believing that.

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