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Friday, August 22, 2014

Between the Lines

Every August Turner Classic Movies has what they call "Summer Under the Stars" and every day is dedicated to a different actor or actress.  A few days ago they had a day filled with John Hodiak films - one of which was Harvey Girls.  I've seen Harvey Girls several times over the years and actually own the DVD.  I also read the book back when I was in high school.  It got me thinking about that book and others I bet people haven't read or even heard of.  So, I thought I'd post about some books that have been made into movies that I bet people haven't read or seen.

Harvey Girls

As always the book is very different from the film.  Fred Harvey was a real person who built restaurants along the blossoming westward railway line.  Trains would stop at these stations and the passengers would get off the train to have something to eat before continuing their journey.  The cities were typical "wild west" with prospectors, ranchers, gamblers, and prostitutes who did not always welcome the restaurant and their respectable waitresses.  As a musical the film shows a slightly happier version of events while the book is more realistic and darker.

Captain Blood

Captain Blood is the film that made a star out of Errol Flynn and is one of my favorites.  I read the book when I was in a freshman in high school.  It's not an easy read but it's certainly worthwhile.  I would recommend both the book and the film to anyone who likes a bit of swashbuckling in their life.

I Capture the Castle 

If you are a writer this is a book I 100% recommend.  It's written in journal form and is laugh out loud funny.  I have given this book as a gift countless times.  So often that I don't remember who has it and who doesn't anymore.  I'll have to find another book to give.  The ups and downs of first love and life in a run down English castle has never been so artfully shared.  The film is good but, of course, the book is better.

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