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Thursday, August 21, 2014

All I Ask Of You

My answers to the Pitch Wars Ask Me Anything!  Next questions go to @elwicker!

1.  Which literary character, if they came out of their novel, would you leave your partner for? - @SandieDocker

Hmm...tough one. I'd have to go with Gilbert Blythe. He's not as dashing as Fitzwilliam Darcy or as steadfast as Charles Bovary, but he's kind and loving.

2.  Give me a synopsis of one episode of Power Rangers you wrote! - +AlannaLP

 In a nutshell Billy started dating the new girl in school and she found out about their secrets.  She became the Purple Ranger and her dino was the triceratops.  And, yes, I absolutely sent it to Saban.  They didn't care for it.

 3.  What is your guilty pleasure in books? - @thirtynerdy

Hmm...I don't know if I have any "guilty" pleasures but I do enjoy Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series as well as Victoria Laurie's Abby Cooper series.  I tend to gravitate toward series - I've been reading Carol Higgens Clark's Regan Reilly books since I was in high school.

4.   Have you ever 'shelved' anything and if so, what led you to make that decision? - @elwicker

I have. About ten years ago I started creating my own superhero but I kept getting frustrated because every costume I came up with or any set of powers mirrored another hero.  She was essentially Live Wire wearing Black Cat's costume.  It's not shelved permanently and I do dust it off from time to time.  But, every time I do the same frustration comes out again.  I'll finish it - someday :)

5.  How do you handle rejections? - @raballard

I move the email to my "rejections" folder and send out another one. There's not much to it - I just keep moving forward.

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