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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Butter Outta Cream

I got an email just as I was getting ready to shut my computer down at the end of the day.  Rejection #11.  I'm not depressed about it - I've had ten others to get me ready for it.  But to say that every "no" isn't a disappointment is a lie.  Every one is a sigh but they're not stop signs.

When an agent says something doesn't sound "right" for them you have to wonder what makes it "wrong".  I think that's a fairly normal reaction.  Is there something broken about it?  The key is not to dwell on those questions and ponderings.  It's just one more wall to climb over - or break down.

It wasn't a great way to end a rough day at work but what made it better was all of the support I'm getting thanks to my involvement in the #pitchwars community.  So many of them stopped to tell a joke or show their support when I announced I had received another rejection.  The writer's life can be a solitary one so it's nice to have that sort of support.

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  1. That song is brilliant lol!! I'm glad you have kept your chin firmly up, good for you. The 9 questions with Brenda gives some great advice on rejections and how to identify what (if) needs changing. I wish you every success in the future x