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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Half as Big as Life

Sometimes we fall off our Hills of Confidence and stumble into the Valleys of Self Doubt.  Clawing our way back  up can sometimes feel like a very sisyphean task.  As we try to make our way back up the dirt at our feet keeps giving way and the dirt above us falls on our heads.  The only way to climb out is with a helping hand.  More than anything that is what #pitchwars has given to me.  I have a confession to make - I don't know what mentors I've chosen.  I had a list and it was stolen by one of the cats.  Note to self - never write things on paper and then leave the paper on your desk.  You might be rolling your eyes but it's turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  If I knew who they were I'd probably be stalking their feeds and only interacting with them.  This forces me to put myself out there more and interact with everyone.  I feel as if I've gotten more out of the challenge than I might have if I had been solely focused on the mentors.

I haven't received any requests for pages or a full manuscript but I'm not even sure that matters at this point.  I feel as if I've already won.  September 3 is a little over a week away and plenty can happen between now and then.  My empty inbox could suddenly be bursting and until that happens I have the spam porn to keep me company.

But, even if no one chooses me I'd like to think that the attitude I've put forth has caught someone's attention.  Someone is out there watching and thinking "wow, I'd like to work with her" and everything will work out for the best.  The ultimate goal is getting published but the friends, the contacts, and education are also a big part of it.  For all of these gifts I would like to thank Brenda Drake from the very bottom of my overflowing heart.

By the way - September 3 is my half-birthday as well as my calico Róisín's 3rd birthday.  We'd love a mentor as a present.

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