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Sunday, August 17, 2014

In My Own Little Corner

Yesterday I took my cousin's twin daughters to see Cinderella on Broadway. It was their first time seeing the classic show on Broadway and my fourth.  And, I'd see it again and again.  It's something I doubt I'll ever grow tired of.  The transformation from rags to gown still brings me to tears even after four visits.  It was certainly a magical Saturday.  When they left this afternoon they went home with several more books.  If there's one thing I can be counted on  it's to give books to young children.

I got another rejection letter but it was so uplifting that I can hardly mind.  I don't know if the same words are sent in response to every query but I don't even mind.  It takes a lot of talent and kindness to let someone down and lift them up at the same time.  It is obvious to me that Janet Reid at Fine Print Literary has both of those qualities in spades.  Even if it is a form letter that is sent to many hopeful author such as myself - it was written with pure compassion and hopefulness.  That's the important part.

So, it's back to the drawing board.  I'm watching the #pitchwars mentors chatting about the submissions they've been getting and how good so many of them are with great hope.  Even if you haven't entered (you have until midnight tomorrow night) you can chat up the mentors to an extent.  You can even chat with mentors who are not reading your genre - it's a great way to learn, make new contacts, and new friends.  The writer's life can be a solitary one so there's no better person to reach out to than another writer.

Now, it's just time for waiting but while we're doing that we can go back into our little corners.

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