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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One Brick at a Time

During the February 17 episode of #PubTalkTV I was announced as one of the winners of the of a query consultation with one  of the fabulous hosts.  I was assigned to Monica Odom of  Liza Dawson Associates and I was very excited about the whole thing.  Having another pair of eyes on  your query is never a bad thing - especially if it's the eyes of an agent who represents your genre.  Score!  To enter all you need to do is retweet specific tweets once they're announced.

There's always a bit of nerves when going into something like this.  It's so easy to let your mind wander into thinking they might not like your query.  I am very pleased to announce that Monica's comments were very positive with only some minor comments on specifics, timelines, etc.  It was so awesome having some great insights into things I hadn't even considered before.  For example, Monica had asked about the timeline of my manuscript - whether my child star was from the time of Shirley Temple or more modern.  I hadn't even considered the possibility that someone might think that.  It was those sort of comments that made it all worthwhile.  Once again, thank you to Monica.

The #PubTalkTV ladies are taking off the month of March but will be back with a fancy new episode in April.  And, with that comes more opportunities to win a query consultation.  So, if you're a querying writer I recommend at jumping at this tremendous opportunity.  It's like going to a conference without the airfare, hotels, and conference fees.

Also, speaking of critiques - all of the lovelies at Fuse Literary are auctioning off partial manuscript and query critiques through Winning Cause to raise money for The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Another great opportunity for querying writers and some of the lots don't even have any bids yet!  It's all about killing two birds with one stone - getting super feedback and helping someone else.  Hey, maybe your future agent is hiding in that group.  There are only six days left in the auction so get your bids in before it's too late.

Good lucking to everyone in the query trenches.  May we all find our agent sooner than later.

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