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Monday, July 25, 2016

Let it Go

On Friday, July 1 I decided I was going to get ahead of the curve.  Shortly after arriving home after work I started the laundry in the hopes of getting it done early.  Enjoying the three day weekend was a priority.  

As soon as I opened the door to the basement I knew something was wrong.  It smelled hot and damp.  The further down I went the more humid the room became.  I started to wonder if a Hellmouth had formed down there and I'd need my own Scooby Gang.  Finally, I found the culprit - the water heater was spewing water.  Puddles of it were forming on the concrete floor and condensation was dripping from the air ducts.  I don't know how long it had been ejecting its water but it couldn't have been too long since I'd been down there Thursday evening..

Keep in mind this was Friday evening before a three day weekend.  We were able to get someone out to stop the leaking and drain the tank.  But, a new tank wasn't going to happen until Tuesday, July 5.  No hot water until then.  Fun.

But, we survived and on Tuesday someone came out to install the new water heater.  Everything was going well until the dishwasher was turned on.  Sadly, the nineteen-year-old dishwasher had joined the water heater in Silicon Heaven.  Annoying and expensive but no big deal.

Upon hearing about the second mishap my coworker commented on how things happen in threes.  Well, I wish I could things didn't happen in threes.  But, they did.

On Wednesday our neighbor was home having a new fence installed.  When I got home from work it was off to Lowe's to find a new dishwasher.  Everything was okay until the phone rang.  It was our neighbor.  The AC unit was on fire.  Yup, FIRE.  If he hadn't been outside who knows what would have happened.  Along with an electrician who just happened to be in the neighborhood they managed to put the fire out with a garden hose.  It was contained to inside the unit and there wasn't even a mark on the siding.

We managed to get someone out the next day but it took them until Monday to finish the job.  Sometimes we had AC - sometimes we didn't.  A lot of time was spent out of the house (with PLENTY of water left for the cats).

All of this forced me into clean up mode.  Stuff had gotten wet or knocked over in the basement.  Some stuff was tossed but I decided I needed to give online yard sales a try.  

Slowly, I started listing various items on Letgo and Facebook and I've had some success.  So much success that I was able to replace the laptop that fell on the floor last year.  Entirely paid for with yard sale money.

Also, I've come across an interesting cast of characters.  People always looking for a deal.  Scammers.  Crazies.  Of course all of these people led to something else - PLOT BUNNY!  

Not only have I been able to start unburdening myself of clutter and the past but there's a new manuscript in the works thanks to all of this.  

Bad things may happen in threes but the silver linings come in sixes.

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