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Thursday, May 12, 2016


Recently a member of the book community said this to a fan:

"you should go eat your last Dairy Queen Blizzard and then hang yourself in the closet".

Just no.  Absolutely no.  He made this comment to a woman because he felt she was overweight.  And, it was his place to say so in the most disgusting way possible.  I won't say his name because he has gotten enough attention at this point.  And, his career is circling the bowl thanks to this comment and the many that followed.

The rest of the community could not stand by and let this happen.  Blogs were written, people offered their services for free to erase this man's presence from any upcoming releases, and Harper Sloan and Felicia Lynn even had an "Ice Cream Social" at their local Dairy Queen.

Out of all of this madness Blizzards Against Bullies was born.  Founded by author C. L. Champlain the group's goal is to get Dairy Queen to take a public stance on the issue of bullying through a petition.  The movement is growing every day with people reaching out to authors with larger followings and celebrities.

We all live in glasses houses - every single one of us.  No one is perfect.  So, to stand back and suggest someone take their own life because they don't fit your idea of beauty is horrific.  Suicide shouldn't be offered as an option.

I was thirteen when my cousin took his own life after battling with manic depression for twenty-three years.  I saw the ripple it sent through my family.  The son of my godparents.  The godson of my mother.  Anyone who has been touched by suicide can tell you what it's like to try to pick up the pieces later.  The pain.  The questions.

To suggest it so cavalierly boggles my mind.  There's enough ugliness in the world.  Let's not add to it.

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